Accent Neutralization

All languages have various accents and English language is no exception. A language develops different accents due to social and geographical differences. Accent also attains gradual variations from generation to generation. That is to say that the pronunciation of English language varies form an English native speaker to that of a Chinese who would speak English in terms of speech habits, speech patterns and pronunciation.

However, the native influence on pronunciation has interfered with comprehension ability to a great degree. Accent neutralization training helps to increase this aspect of communication which in turn positively impacts customer service. The accent neutralization, in speech training refers to the module in which the participant is taught how to get rid of his MTI (Mother Tongue Influence). This kind of training is mostly used in businesses where interaction with over-seas customers is a prerequisite. As stated by, neutral accent means “an accent the world understands”.

Training in this field of Accent Neutralization has largely been the result of globalization. The rise of globalization has impacted communication to a large extent. It has also created a revolution in entrepreneurship & outsourcing. Outsourcing is generally defined as the transfer of components or large segments of an organization’s internal infrastructure, staff, processes or applications to an external resource. The tendency is towards outsourcing to countries where this work can be done at lower cost to the company. India has enjoyed the benefits of outsourcing because of its wealth of highly educated English speakers. The need for speaking in a neutral accent has grown today as the clients & customers have to interact in a universal language in a globally acceptable style & accent.

The problem that arises is that many customers have difficulties understanding accents other than their own; hence accent neutralization or reduction becomes important for customer satisfaction.

The Accent Neutralization Training conducted by Rave Institutes involves a customized approach towards developing a neutral accent. The learners will have a personal awareness of their English accent and pronunciation so that they can continue to address accent reduction and refinement.

How You Will Benefit:

  • Rhythm of English Language
  • Changing speech patterns
  • Voice production
  • Intonation & voice modulation
  • Phonetics & jaw exercises
  • Vowel & consonant sounds
  • Syllable & word stress
  • Greater understanding from listeners
  • Improved professional image of your company

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