Email Etiquette

Communication is the backbone that ensures the speed of the overall implementation of activities that happen. In this age of fast changing technology, email is the preferred and often most efficient form of business communication. Do you find yourself in tight spot when it comes to writing an email? Is writing an email a challenge for you?

Effective email etiquette are best witnessed in the business environment. The dynamics of businesses today are such, that it is essential for every individual involved to understand and master the skill of communication through emails, and how to employ the same across functions. Rave Institutes Email Etiquette training provides you with the skills and techniques necessary for managing emails, creating and managing groups, writing professionally with effective email structures, creating signatures and templates and more. Learn how to draft emails that are clear and concise and won’t be misinterpreted by co-workers and clients.

How You Will Benefit:

  • Develop a heightened awareness of the potential perils of digital communication
  • Master effective email structures to achieve clarity and successful communication
  • Learn to write for the reader, starting with effective subject lines
  • Make the most of ’email estate’
  • Carefully consider the email recipients
  • Learn to work within principles or ‘rules of thumb’ to ensure professional, clear & effective emails
  • Perfect grammar because it matters
  • Format messages for readability
  • Learn to write professionally and brand Broadcast emails
  • Learn to avoid senders regret by proof reading
  • Understand the concept of ‘netiquette’
  • Master the inbox using some core principles and email functions

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