Telephone Etiquette

Imagine this: Someone in the office is yelling on his phone and disrupting everyone else’s concentration. This awkward and rude situation is actually pretty common in today’s open offices, so make sure you’re not the culprit.

The telephone etiquette displayed in organizations is indicative of the employees’ willingness and ability to efficiently assist customers – both internal and external. The skills and the attitude projected over the telephone form a lasting impression in the minds of an organization’s customers making it a critical customer ‘touch point’ – an important aspect of Customer service.

For most types of businesses the telephone plays a major part in daily operations. This is because businesses need them in order to call out and contact vendors, business associates, and clients or customers. They are also valuable in that they open a door of communication with customers by allowing them to contact the business at any time during its hours of operation.

They must understand that how they interact with clients and business associates over the phone will either portray them in a positive light or a negative one. In the hands of a poorly trained employee, manager, or business owner, telephone use can have an extreme negative effect on the business.

The Telephone Etiquette Training conducted by Rave Institutes is designed to encourage new and experienced staff to interact, and to discuss the challenges of their position, solve problems and enhance their motivation and commitment to this critically important role. It focuses on developing telephone skills to deal with customers assertively, empathetically, with a sense of care and a positive attitude.

How You Will Benefit:

  • Ways to make a Good First Impression
  • The verbal handshake
  • Effective Call Handling
  • Key Phases of an Outbound/Inbound Call
  • Hold Procedure
  • Dead Air
  • Using the Right Tone of Voice
  • Tips for Good Telephone Etiquette
  • Forbidden Phrases to Avoid
  • Body Language over the Telephone
  • Tele-conferencing skills

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